Free Website Features

A website built on a good system can get you features for free you may not have thought you could afford or waited for them to be built.

Here are a list of features that can be added to your website for free using Drupal.

  1. Website Searching
  2. Smart & secure contact forms
  3. Revision tracking and backups
  4. Blogs - Single or Team Blogs
  5. Wikis
  6. Secure filesharing (a document repository secured by a password)
  7. Paypal Integration
  8. A Photo Gallery
  9. Send this page to a friend
  10. Printer-friendly pages
  11. Excellent page-by-page website traffic statistics with Google Analytics.
  12. Easy to add Google Maps features.
  13. Communications (email) tools
  14. Volunteer Tracking
  15. RSS Syndication

Disclaimer: I am not saying that these do not take time to set up and therefore your website developer (hopefully us!) will charge you for that time. But it is a ton cheaper than building it from scratch.


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