Matt Rice and Dan O'Connell are a fun, dynamic duo who are committed to bringing creative and solution oriented results for websites and website management.  I have worked with Matt and Dan on the management of the Catholics On Call website.  I found them to be:

  • Dedicated to giving accurate and timely service;
  • Patient and willing to give creative instruction on the use of the website management system;
    Available to stay in daily communication when working on a big project, such as transferring the Catholics On Call website to a new content management system and launching the blog and podcasts;
    Knowledgeable about and committed to working for the Catholic Church and open to working with other faith traditions.
  • JoEllen Windau, Former Associate Director of Catholics On Call, Catholic Theological Union

    The professionals at Metavisual are wonderful to work with, always courteous and professional.  They have helped me with several projects including upgrading our website.  Their commitment to not-for-profit service organizations makes them especially wonderful to work with.  They worked to find solutions that best fit our needs and they were quick to respond when we had a problem or a new need.  I have enjoyed working with them and would recommend Metavisual to others.  

    Mary Charlotte Chandler, rscj


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