Editing a Menu Item

Navigate to the Menus Page:

  1. Click on Administer
  2. Click on Site Building
  3. Click on Menus


You will see every menu, and menu item available on this page. The title of the individual menus doesn't matter, it is the menu items that you are looking for.

  1. Find the menu you are looking for
  2. Click the "Edit" link associated with that item
  3. Make the necessary changes
    1. To change the name, edit the "Title"
    2. Add/edit the "Description" if you want to
    3. To change what the item links to change the "Path" (RARE!)
    4. Ignore the "Expanded" variable
    5. To change where this item appears change the "Parent"
    6. To move the item up or down change the "Weight" (lower # = lighter)
  4. Click "Submit"


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